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Bald Cap


This latex bald cap is arguably the best latex bald cap in the business. With its long neckline and its thin edges, great results are easily achieved so long as you follow our simple step-by-step instructions included with the cap. 

Foam Bald Cap

THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER ITEMS ONLY. PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PRODUCTION WHEN ORDERING. Occipital foam bald piece. Q: What's that? A: It's the back of the head.

These pieces are perfect for naturally reshaping the back of a persons head that has had a bald cap applied to it. It recreates the shape of the back of the head to give a more realistic finish to a bald cap application. We have two shapes/sizes available: BC-1 and BC-2. BC-1 measures 9" top to bottom and 9.5" left to right at the neck. BC-2 measures 11.5" top to bottom and 8" left to right at the neck. USE THE DROP DOWN BELOW TO SELECT THE SIZE YOU NEED